México: el nacimiento de una voz

Itzel and pianist Maxim Shamo form A:kana since 2013, and they will tour 2015 and 2016 with a unique, diverse and surprising program on the Mexican Art Song from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Hardly anyone knows this, but Mexican Art Song used to be enjoyed all around the world. Nevertheless, there are not many people who know where these songs came from, or who wrote them. Songs about love, death, kisses, landscapes; with texts from great poets, and in mysterious languages from ancient civilizations. Some Europeans even claimed they were theirs, due to their elegance and virtuosity.
These masterpieces, with text and root, are the ones who gave Mexico its voice…

After becoming an independent country in the nineteenth century, artists started to explore ways to give Mexico its national identity . Its vast popular culture offered them invaluable material that they mixed with academic knowledge about the European masters of Romanticism, and the explosive rhythms and sounds of Mexican folklore, resulting in a jewel of international transcendence. Eventually, the early twentieth century and the Mexican Revolution gave birth to national confidence and a voice: the voice of Mexico.

This program is but a small selection of the vast repertoire of Mexican music from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from composers that made a remarkable contribution to Mexican culture. It shows, within a ninety minutes performance, some fascinating highlights of the many faces of this country that is so rich in colour, sound, food, history and nature .

The recital is enriched with text and visuals.

For more information & bookings please contact Henk Schepers at info [at] liveineurope.com